ENTER Renae, owner of terrAIRium


Below is my cheat’s version of a personal bio, the good ol' bullet point method. Easy for you to read, easy for me to write. win/win. Enter sole operator & owner of terrAIRium.. Me.



  • My name is Renae (obvious starting point) and I'm 38 years of age. I have a twin brother and we are the youngest of 7. Being a twin is pretty awesome. I don't have any of my own kids but boy do I have an army of nieces and nephews, 40 + actually. Which on average is a new niece/nephew born every 11 months of my life haha crazy!
  • If spirit animals exist, I'd have to be a squirrel or a bee because I'm an enthusiastic doer. I am a fully-fledged workaholic and my cup isn't filled unless I have had a productive day. I can't explain it, I just love seeing results. Almost to a degree of obsession. Once I start something, I am a clandestine conqueror. You wont even know that shit is getting done; it'll just get done.
  • I LOVE comic book movies. Gimme all the Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, X-Men and even costume wearing Magic Mike. I am also part of the small 1 billion community of people that watch (& love) Game of Thrones. There are 6 billion people that don't watch it. They must be busy when it airs because why else!? & my favourite childhood movie was The Lion King. 
  • I eloped and got married in Africa to the love of my life when I was 29. Why Africa? Possibly inspired by my affection for The Lion King. We travelled 8 different African countries over 4 weeks and at times there was nothing but a tent seperating us from the wild. We could hear the big feet of elephants swashing past, and the heckles of hyenas sauntering around the aromas of human food scraps. Other times we glammed it up in fancy resorts and got drunk and waded home through shallow ponds of croc fest waters to find short cuts to our accommodation. We were chased by courting rhinos, bull elephants and wild chimpanzees. Our car was hijacked by baboons in Tanzania and we got stuck in a wilderbeest stampede whilst stopped for lunch in the Serengeti. We hung over the edge of the thundering Vic Falls, we saw tree climbing lions, flocks of flamingoes, pools of hippos, warthogs (Pumbaa's) and so many more animals that I could write for days. We also climbed mountains in Rwanda to spend time with a family of gorillas and spent a day in Kenya at the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. MIRACULOUSLY we survived the adventure and then got married on our last week in South Africa. It was hands down the most memorable 4 weeks of our lives to date. Highly recommend.
  • Mr terrAIRium & I live in a house with a white picket fence and have two beautiful doggos. Be warned, I LOVE animals, so if we ever cross paths & you have a pet, ie a dog, I wouldn't care if it was covered in mud, I would give that doggo a good ear scratch & cuddle.
  • I'm not a barefoot vegan but I do try my hardest to be eco conscious wherever possible. I believe you can be stylish and environmentally aware simultaneously. Nowadays, there are so many eco and/or ethically integrated options to choose from, that don't sacrifice style. Whether it is food, clothing, home wares or a home build, our purchases create a ripple in the demand and supply cycle and is interpreted as 'I support this product/service'. I try to adopt this ethos with my personal & biz choices.
  • I am about supporting local, and creating with as much RRR (recycle, reuse, repurpose) as possible. I reuse flowers from local florists; once the flowers are no longer fresh for bouquets, I can dry them out and use them in my glass gardens. My literature and product packaging is all recycled material or recyclable/compostable. Even the 'plastic' in our kit bags; it's a compostable vegetable starch. And we offer a renovation service for all of our glass gardens. Tap here to get the down low on our renovations. In a nutshell, we can turn your pre-loved glassware in to something you love again. There is always room for improvement though, so as the terrAIRium brand grows, so will our RRR practices.

That was way more reading about a single person than necessary, you can start shopping now, you've earnt it.