So.... Air Plants?

It’s a hot topic; indoor plants are making a serious style comeback this last half of the decade. And, well, serious style always makes a comeback, so we’re not surprised indoor plants are coming back in a big way. In fact, the current love of indoor plants has seen one unusual suspect gaining a bit of traction on account of its unique personality, and we are advocates for this uber distinctive plant that is the air plant.
terrAIrium WA Air Plant
So, what is this rooty little creature?
The air plant is aptly named due to its exclusive ability to grow in air – without the presence of an in-ground root system like your typical pot plant. Instead, air plants kind of just…hover. 
They unassumingly thrive amongst their landscape; growing happily without the need for dirt (which probably makes them the cleanest housemates you’ll ever have!) Commonly mistaken for a cactus or succulent, the air plant is actually related to our beloved tropical buddy, the pineapple !
No, you won’t ever be able to eat him in a late night pizza making situation, nor whizz him up for a pina colada, he’s completely inedible. But he’s still a close cousin of the pineapple – from the Bromeliad family. His official name is Tillandsia but he’s a fairly chilled out little thing, so off-the-record he’s happy to just be called your air plant.
The fact that air plants grow atmospherically makes them a very versatile indoor plant and you only need to google air plants to see how beautifully they can be incorporated into the home or even special event. If you are Perth based, our range of gardens are specifically created for the air plant to live out their rooty little lives in. 
The most commonly asked question about air plants? Can it live off air alone? Well, no, not exactly. Typically, you will see a silver, fur-like coat on many air plant species and this furry jacket is the identifying feature that makes a Bromeliad a Bromeliad. (Yup, the pineapple has them too.) These furs are called trichomes and since the air plant cannot obtain any nutrients through roots like its pineapple cousin, it uniquely relies on its trichomes alone to absorb a good balanced diet of light, water and air. Yes it is a growing, living plant, so it still needs light for photosynthesis and water for its mineral intake and to keep those hard working trichomes clean. 
Why is this root better than yours?
Because they’re so darn easy. Air plants are relatively simple to care for and they don’t like owners who are overly fussy. So, what better trendy dude for decorating your home with? Now, we know you want one! If you are ready to introduce an air plant to your home, simply add an air plant to your shopping cart with any of our glass, crystal or sand gardens. Please note that from time to time the supply of air plants does get a bit limited here in WA. As it stands, the importation of air plants is currently banned, as is the transportation of air plants within our own states. It's a customs thing. On account of this limited supply, the air plants we provide will be selected from what is available in the local market, at the time of your purchase.