Crystal Gardens

Our Crystal Gardens are all one of a kind. If you love something you see, we suggest you snap it up as there may never be another like it!

What is a Crystal Garden.. that exciting moment when terrAIRium met Ishk.

The introduction of this garden collection is 100% inspired by the breathtaking energy and raw beauty of local crystal enthusiast Ishk Jewels.

Ishk Jewels is an amazing Perth local brand that hand makes jewellery with meaning and purpose. Whether it be calming, emotionally healing, for love, or overcoming the little curve balls that life sometimes throws at us, each treasure is infused with pure soul. Every Ishk crystal, gemstone & diamond is authentic and sourced from ethical, reputable suppliers ensuring high quality & genuine pieces. & Just like everything else that Mother Nature produces, no two crystals are the same. Their unique characteristics, inclusions and different shapes are a manifestation of their natural environments and are part of the crystals raw beauty. 

The grateful soul behind the Ishk brand is Rebecca. & If you love all things celestial and sensual, this spiritual coach is the Queen of her category and the reason why we only use Ishk crystals in this new range of crystal gardens.

You may have already seen the super adorable mini Ishk crystals that we include with our D.I.Y Kits but this range of crystal gardens is completely next level and dedicated to showcasing the Ishk crystal as the main attraction.

Our Crystal Gardens are truly unlike anything else on the market. We have sourced a vintage crystal style glass bowl to give a playful crystal on crystal concept. This concept did come with a design challenge though, in that each glass bowl came with a glass lid, which became unusable once the garden was constructed in the main bowl. We are not fans of waste here at terrAIRium so we created a design solution and made a concrete foot for the lid, so that it became a second bowl. It has proven to be an extremely effective solution & now each lidded glass bowl brings two crystal gardens to life.

Crystal gardens cannot be customised and are made subject to crystal availability.  As crystals come in, to suit the size and budget of our gardens, concepts will be made and listed on the website once made. Please note that the contents of these gardens are loose and exposed. Any direct knocks can disrupt the aesthetic of the garden by tipping it over and we strongly recommend you take advantage of our hand delivery service. 

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