terrAIRium glass garden birds nest
terrAIRium glass garden fish bowl birds nest
terrAIRium glass garden birds nest

Glass Birds Nest

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If air plants could tweet, this transparent birds nest would be tweeting harder than our social media V.I.P’s.

Standing at 26cm in height and 15cm wide, this is a garden with eye-catching dimension and texture.

Unsure which style suits you best? 

Click below on the STYLE GLOSSARY for styling notes.

CONTEMPORARY - Where less is more & minimalism is the objective. By incorporating smart key pieces to create form & using neutral colours to enhance the organic feel of this style.

VIBRANT - This aesthetic displays bright colours & pretty florals. It sings in confidence & represents living life in full view. Be bright, be fearless, be your own version of beautiful.

COASTAL - Calming warm tones, driftwood and seashells. More so a collision of textures that are somewhat invisible amongst the subtle & natural tones of it all. 

RUSTIC - Gimme a home amongst the Gumtrees. This one is my jam. It's raw & unruly and is a reflection of the rustic country bushland of the South West. Think gumnuts, native flora and timber.

PRIMARY COLOUR - The prominent pop of colour for your glass garden.

SECONDARY COLOUR - An additional pop of colour for your glass garden.

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