Mini Cloche
Mini Cloche
Mini Cloche

Mini Cloche

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An 18cm glass dome filled with a fairy tale garden.

I give credit to Beauty & the Beast for the adoring fans of this enclosed atrium.

This glass garden rests on a white concrete base to keep it all neatly in place and a cotton cord with a wooden bead for an equally decorative and functional handle to lift the glass dome with.

Unsure which style suits you best? 

Click below on the STYLE GLOSSARY for styling notes.

CONTEMPORARY - Where less is more & minimalism is the objective. By incorporating smart key pieces to create form & using neutral colours to enhance the organic feel of this style.

VIBRANT - This aesthetic displays bright colours & pretty florals. It sings in confidence & represents living life in full view. Be bright, be fearless, be your own version of beautiful.

COASTAL - Calming warm tones, driftwood and seashells. More so a collision of textures that are somewhat invisible amongst the subtle & natural tones of it all. 

RUSTIC - Gimme a home amongst the Gumtrees. This one is my jam. It's raw & unruly and is a reflection of the rustic country bushland of the South West. Think gumnuts, native flora and timber.

PRIMARY COLOUR - The prominent pop of colour for your glass garden.

SECONDARY COLOUR - An additional pop of colour for your glass garden.

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