Renovation Service

You might be asking "What does a renovation have to do with terrAIRiums?'
And to that I say UPCYCLING!
In our consumerist environments, we can be a bit partial to throwing things away when we get bored of them or when our styling tastes change or when we find something shinier. But I feel like there is a shift happening where this behaviour is being curbed and people are consciously reducing their footprint on waste and repurposing what they already have. Upcycling is gaining momentum and we are on board with it friends. How? We encourage you to check your cupboards.
Is there an empty glass cloche, fishbowl or empty terrarium waiting for some love in the back of your cupboard? Have you changed your colour scheme at home since you purchased your terrAIRium from us? Does your delicate air plant display look a little dusty and need a bit of sprucing up? Did your pet air plant accidently pass away? Well we think these are great opportunities for some good ol' upcycling.
Say hello to our terrAIRium renovation service.
All of the above situations are nothing to be ashamed of and in fact, it opens up a creative window for us to get our renovation on with your pre-loved glassware. This really is a great way to repurpose some empty glassware or fall back in love with an existing terrAIRium that simply got a little run down. We can even replace your (once) living air plant if you were in the last 'oopsie' category above. There are loads of options and no judgement. Price will vary depending on the scale of the renovation required.
Please leave as much detail as possible & we'll be in touch with an estimation via return email.