A contemporary collection of indoor gardens as written by you.

Be the author of your own terrAIRium Garden by assembling one from scratch with our D.I.Y. kit, by personalising the colours in our glass garden concepts or by creating mindful patterns in our upcoming collection of sand gardens.

Whichever type of gardener you are, our collections cater to all levels of plant and flower enthusiasts with our no & low maintenance garden options.

terrAIRium might audibly sound familiar but on closer inspection you will see that it is more interpretational. Our emphasis is on the AIR because of our ongoing fascination with the air plant.


Glass Gardens

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Now, we know we're not meant to have favourites, but.. this is our favourite part by far. We love getting our creative on, with all sorts of no maintenance pieces, like dried or preserved flowers, driftwood, seashells and more, to style you a garden that is unlike any other you've encountered before. Because; NATURE!

However, as our business name subtly indicates, AIR plants are our first true love, and these planty rule breakers are the soul of our glass gardens. (what is an air plant? click here) But, we also understand that air plants aren't everyone’s jam. So we have made the air plant an optional extra, instead of an inclusion. Creating this option also adds to the playful choose-your-own-adventure process. Still curious, let's open up our imaginations & kick off this adventure.


Firstly, a bed of small white stones is poured in to the terrAIRium, creating a sturdy & crisp ground to build on.

Next, a dried floral arrangement is carefully curated piece-by-piece, in a style of your choosing to provide a purely ornamental, zero maintenance garden, that will keep for many months, if not years, with gentle handling.

For the third & final touch (should you choose), we head to our personal collection of air plants to select the best tillandsia for the job.

Because style can be a bit subjective, we have simplified the options for our range of glass gardens in to 4 easy style categories, with two extra options where you can add pops of colour to achieve your ideal terrAIRium. If you have a vision that isn't covered in our 4 styles, please make the most of the 'more info' sections and be as descriptive as you can. We will interpret the description to the best of our creative ability.

Concrete Gardens

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We pride ourselves in the mould making process for each unique piece too. It's a rewarding process being able to build something from scratch. A bit of imagination & resourcefulness and we can create endless possibilities. Most of these products can be purchased ready-made, at any of our stockists, but if your time is fleeting at best, we will happily bring our concrete gardens & accessories to you with our $10 hand delivery service.


* Please be mindful that each concrete piece is hand poured and naturally subject to slight variances and/or imperfections making no two items ever exactly the same.

* Should your concrete product come with a living plant, you are wholly responsible for the care and maintenance of the living plant. Should the plant die in your care, it is not terrAIRiums' responsibility to replace the plant.

* We would love to be able to post living plants interstate but we can't, it's a customs thing. You don’t have to miss out though, we can still post you the concrete on its own for you to source your own local supply of plant/s. Simply opt for ‘NO’ on the plant option of your selected product/s. 

* Concepts with living plants are only available to Perth customers.

Perth customers can collect their online order from any stockist at no extra cost

Or opt for hand delivery between Jandakot & Joondalup for $10

Stockist - C+Co Pop Up, inside Westfield Carousel

*Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be completed. In many cases your order will be ready sooner but we like to err on the side of caution when it comes to curing concrete and its lead times.

The newest members


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Ishk Jewels is an amazing Perth local brand that hand makes jewellery with meaning and purpose. Whether it be calming, emotionally healing, for love, or overcoming the little curve balls that life sometimes throws at us, each treasure is infused with pure soul. Every Ishk crystal, gemstone & diamond is authentic and sourced from ethical, reputable suppliers ensuring high quality & genuine pieces. & Just like everything else that Mother Nature produces, no two crystals are the same. Their unique characteristics, inclusions and different shapes are a manifestation of their natural environments and are part of the crystals raw beauty. 

The grateful soul behind the Ishk brand, is Rebecca. & If you love all things celestial and sensual, this spiritual coach is the Queen of her category and the reason why we only use Ishk crystals in this new range of crystal gardens.

You may have already seen the super adorable mini Ishk crystals that we include with our D.I.Y Kits but this range of crystal gardens is completely next level and dedicated to showcasing the Ishk crystal as the main attraction.



Traditionally known as a Zen garden, our sand gardens are a modern interpretation of the Zen concept, creating an easy desktop escape from the bombardment of daily life.

Because our lives are busy and the world is full of so many outside distractions, we continually find ourselves running on autopilot and living out our Groundhog Day routines. When we run on autopilot we become absentminded and carry out tasks without noticing what is actually going on. Like when you eat a whole packet of chips in front of the t.v. without actually realising (we've all been there). We become creatures of habit, instead of intuition and without realising; we spend less time on activities where we would naturally exercise mindfulness. While mindfulness is something we all possess, its benefits are enhanced when we practice it on a daily basis. There is growing research showing that when you train your brain to be mindful, you're actually remodelling the structure of your brain.

So how do we practice mindfulness? Popular activities are yoga and meditation. But if you need something more tangible, and at arms length, just to stop and reset during a big study session or while bub is napping or to simply wind down before bed, then our sand gardens are a perfectly achievable solution. The idea behind our sand gardens is that while you draw in the sand and move around the garden accessories, creating and changing the small-scale landscape in front of you, you are actually redirecting your brain space away from whatever stresses were clouding your judgment, your breathing will slow down whilst your focus is replaced with a serene creative intention, and your nervous system that is responsible for your flight or fight behaviour is steered in to a sense of calm. It's a simple but powerful exercise. Hopefully after a short (or long) break spent on your sand garden, you can go back to your prior task/s refocused and reset with better clarity and energy. Keep in mind that we all have our own limits, know your boundaries, and create time to enjoy the benefits of exercising mindfulness.