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Hey there you garden nut. The terrAIRium bug has clearly bitten you and I can’t say I blame you, given the long-standing plant trend hitting up the décor world right now. Write me up a citation for being garden obsessed because I’m right there with you. Backyard gardens, indoor plant collections and large scale landscapes, when done well, they are all magical portals for escaping reality.

Having grown up on 100 acres of unspoilt Western Australian bush land, that backed on to an even larger scale reserve, nature was my backyard for my entire childhood. Exploring bush land, admiring native flora & climbing trees so high it’d give you vertigo to watch. Fast-forward 30+ years and my enthusiasm for plants, flowers and all things nature is still a flourishing interest. I have a severe case of air plantitis, flower fever & a high concrete temperature. And my terrAIRium hobby business is the cure. What does that make me.. a modern day hippie.. Maybe?! A crazy plant lady.. Maybe?! Passionate about what I do.. DEFINITELY! 

The other half of me is a bit more materialistic. I am in my 19th year of work at a ceramic tile shop that I consider to be my Clark Kent day job. Chances are, if you have built your first home in W.A you have heard of it, Crosby Tiles. We provide wall & floor tiles to a great range of Perth builders. I love creating terrAIRiums but I equally love and appreciate my day job and the colleagues that I get to work alongside everyday, they are my second family. A lot of my experiences through this day job have nurtured the creative spark that I now apply to my terrAIRiums. I am exposed to new designs and trends through the tile store, as we assist with colour selections for new build customers. Co-ordinating cupboard laminates, stone benchtops and tiles in all sorts of available textures, patterns and colours to create a myriad of beautiful spaces for our customers. All whilst being spatially aware of each room for functionality and not just aesthetics. This is all what I apply to my terrAIRiums now and would even say that it is how my hobby developed. My inner bush baby teamed with an exposure to colour consulting.. wham bam.. decorated mini gardens.

Admittedly, I'm a great faffer & not a literary genius by any count. So instead of a clever bio to create a picture of who I am, here is my Tinder profile. JUST KIDDING! That would make for a fun bio though haha

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