Green agate slice with green quartz cluster
Green agate slice with green quartz cluster
Green agate slice with green quartz cluster
Green agate slice with green quartz cluster
Green agate slice with green quartz cluster
Green agate slice with green quartz cluster

Green agate slice with green quartz cluster

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1 x Green agate slice
1 x green quartz cluster
1 x everlasting display of dried flowers in a
12cm wide, vintage crystal style glass bowl
1 x terrAIRium branded carry box

INCLUDES DELIVERY (by yours truly) to any areas from Butler, down to Mandurah. *sorry, no pick ups.

Each Crystal Garden is a unique display of wild and everlasting dried flowers with hits of bright colour, encasing its own feature crystal from @ishkjewels with a couple of smaller offset crystals. They are natural works of art and because there are no living plants, you can't kill anything 😃 & yet, they are still so alive with heart & soul. These gardens will keep for many months, if not years, with gentle handling.

We have made 12 unique Crystal Gardens for this, OUR LAST EVER restock & they will only be available through our website, from (WST) 7pm Tuesday 4th May until sold out. 

*Crystal Gardens are STRICTLY available for Perth, W.A. only. Sorry no pick ups for this restock. We are closing our doors and want to move all of our stock out as quickly as possible. All orders placed this week, will be hand-delivered before the weekend.


To create our crystal gardens, we fill the glass bowls with a bed of white stones, creating a sturdy and crisp ground to build on. Next, an Ishk crystal is placed in a focal feature point on that bed of stones & a dried floral arrangement is curated piece-by-piece, to encase the crystal in a wild and untamed natural surrounding with pops of colour bringing each concept to life. 

Crystal gardens cannot be customised and are made subject to crystal availability.  As crystals come in, to suit the size and budget of our gardens, concepts will be made and listed on the website once made. Please note that the contents of these gardens are loose and exposed. Any direct knocks can disrupt the aesthetic of the garden by tipping it over which is why we strongly recommend you take advantage of our hand delivery service.

CONTEMPORARY - Where less is more & minimalism is the objective. By incorporating smart key pieces to create form & using neutral colours to enhance the organic feel of this style.

VIBRANT - This aesthetic displays bright colours & pretty florals. It sings in confidence & represents living life in full view. Be bright, be fearless, be your own version of beautiful.

COASTAL - Calming warm tones, driftwood and seashells. More so a collision of textures that are somewhat invisible amongst the subtle & natural tones of it all. 

RUSTIC - Gimme a home amongst the Gumtrees. This one is my jam. It's raw & unruly and is a reflection of the rustic country bushland of the South West. Think gumnuts, native flora and timber.

PRIMARY COLOUR - The prominent pop of colour for your glass garden.

SECONDARY COLOUR - An additional pop of colour for your glass garden.

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Want to chat about options, send us an email and we will work with you to create something as unique as you.